Amazon Eyeing ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS’ Trilogy Composer for Spinoff Series

lord of the rings composer

It looks like the upcoming Lord of the Rings spinoff series is actively seeking to bring back the original trilogy’s composer Howard Shore back into the fold. He’s worked on a variety of series which also include The Hobbit trilogy, Hugo, The Departed, and even the Twilight saga. The series wrapped up production for its first season and is currently in post-production. Shore has yet to sign on for what may be the most expensive television series ever developed, as its production budget stands at an astounding $465 million.

That’s just how much the first season costs with a second already signed off, which will move production from New Zealand to the UK. It’s still a shocking development as the country was one of the landmarks behind the original films. The costs seemed to go into building some of the most elaborate sets for a show. Yet, it won’t be cheap as they’ll get shipped from New Zealand to the UK adding more fuel to the fire for this abrupt move. The belief is due to the author’s own heritage, the shire was based in rural England that the show is trying to capture moving forward.

J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay are developing the series that will explore the SEcond AGe of Middle-Earth, which takes place thousands of years before the original film trilogy and novels. The series has gathered an extensive cast that will showcase the confrontation with a re-emerging evil as the times of peace come to an end.

Source: Deadline

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