Amazon’s ‘Medusa’ Adds ‘Watchmen’ Director and Marvel Studios Writer

medusa series

Amazon Studios is working on its latest project that’ll offer a unique spin on Greek mythology. The story of Medusa is about the iconic Greek mythological character, who sets out on a quest to save the world after running into some trouble with the gods. Nikole Kassell of HBO’s Watchmen fame is set to direct, with Marvel Studios veteran Nicole Perlman reimagining the script.

Details of the plot are not readily available, but reports say that Perlman will executive produce. Additionally, viewers will see Vinson Films’ Tripp Vinson and Tara Farney produce alongside Kassell. Kassell brings her experience from popular shows like The Leftovers, The Americans, and Westworld. She also has multiple accolades, including an Emmy nomination for outstanding direction for a limited series.

Medusa is an interesting character to adopt, as she’s commonly portrayed as a villain throughout most Greek mythology and even reinterpretations. The first outline of this project does sound like a superhero take on a classic mythological creature. Given that heroes are the modern take on mythology, it’ll be fun to see how they bring this iconic statue-making character into the modern era.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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