AMC’s ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Finds Its Lestat in Sam Reid

interview with the vampire amc

It looks like AMC’s adaptation of Interview With the Vampire has found its Lestat, as Variety shared Sam Reid joined the project. The show has been in production since June and explores the story of a journalist interviewing vampire Luis de Pointe du Lac. He was turned into the nightly creature by Lestat de Lioncourt, who Reid will play in the project.

It’s quite a long-term commitment due to their plans to adapt all of Anne Rice‘s The Vampire Chronicles novels where he has a recurring role. Yet, only one has been greenlit for now and he’ll be part of the eight-episode The character was previously played by Tom Cruise in 1994 before Stuart Townsend tackled the role in 2022.

AMC also owns the rights to The Lives of the Mayfair Witches from Rice. There haven’t been any hints if they are already developing a series based on those books, or if they are focusing on the Vampire Chronicles first before they start expanding the franchise. They definitely have a lot of hope for the franchise as it continues to expand.

It’ll be interesting if they play on the last adaption of the novel, or take a different route to make it stand out. They could take a more modern approach while keeping the core values of what made that story stand out back in the day. Though, it would be a lot more fun to embrace the aesthetic connected with the series to make it stand out from other series currently running. A modern adaptation seems like the easy route rather than also exploring its importance within a historical context.

Source: Variety

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