America Chavez’s Co-Creator Speaks Out on “Insult” of a Compensation Ahead of Live-Action Debut

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There has been an ongoing debate surrounding the compensation for creators of iconic characters that make out the ever-growing Marvel library. While you’d think that those that brought these characters to life would find some form of compensation for their work, the live-action adaptations have not been kind to these creators. America Chavez co-creator Joe Casey has now joined a group of creatives to speak out on the live-action compensation offered by Marvel.

He speaks out that this isn’t a topic about the ownership of the character, but rather their work being respected with a correct compensation, as he points out that he was offered a “pittance” ahead of her appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where America Chavez will be played by Xochitl Gomez. He gives the following statement:

The fact is Marvel owns America Chavez. That’s not in dispute on any level, but there are still systemic flaws in the way that creators are neither respected nor rewarded.

When Casey found out that they are adapting his character, he inquired the publisher, Marvel, for paperwork to see her previous appearances. It seems they tried to offer a cash offer, which he declined due to a special character agreement, which other creatives have pointed out as a way for Marvel to ensure they keep all rights. Supposedly the range of this offer is around $5,000 but that has been disputed. Supposedly, the conversations with Marvel are still ongoing. He’s not the only one discussing this issue which is also an issue with other comic

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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