‘The Flash’ Set Photos Reveal First Look at Fast Track

Set photos from The Flash suggest Meena Dhawan, aka Fast Track, is making her live-action debut in the CW series.

The Flash is set to surpass Arrow for the longest-running Arrowverse series as it approaches its ninth season on the CW network. Throughout these past 8 seasons, The Flash has introduced countless other speedsters such as Reverse Flash, Zoom, Jay Garrick, Trajectory, The Rival, XS, Kid Flash, Savitar, and Black Flash — just to name a few. Over the past few seasons, the series has begun adapting recent stories like the seven forces, and looks to be bringing a recent addition to the speed force into live-action.

Recent set photos from The Flash have revealed that speedster Fast Track will be making her live-action debut sometime in the 8th season of The Flash. Set photos show the unknown actress suited up in the character’s black costume. We can assume that this actress will be playing Meena Dhawan, the alter ego of the character in the comics. 

Fast Track is a fairly recent character, having been introduced in 2016, created by Joshua Williamson and Neil Googe, and introduced in The Flash Vol. 5 #3. Meena was a scientist at Star Labs who worked in the Newton’s Practical Application Department who was struck by lightning following a speed force storm sweeping through Central City. Meena used her newfound attachment to the speedforce to help the Flash in training the next generation of speedsters, those who’d also been affected by the speed force storm.

Here’s to hoping we’ll get an official look at the character soon with a better look at the costume and know just who is playing Fast Track.

SOURCE: Twitter

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