First Set Photos of CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’ Leak as Production Starts

gotham knights set photos

CW has recently fast-tracked production on a project to adapt the Gotham Knights storyline, as Gotham struggles after the death of Bruce Wayne and a void is left in his wake. Batman’s protégé–surprisingly not Nightwing as initially expected–is forced to team up with the children of his father’s long list of rogue’s gallery. Production has finally kicked off and it didn’t take long for photos to leak from the Toronto set. While we don’t get a first look at any of the actors, we do get a good look at a sequence featuring the GCPD transporting someone, as shared by @Dew_u_c_me:

Luckily @TOFilming_EM also shared a video from the set confirming that the police escort is for someone. There’s a chance that one of the iconic villains might be hidden there, or maybe transferring someone to bring them to safety. We know Mischa Collins has been cast as Harvey Dent and he might be the one in the transport vehicle.

It’ll be interesting to see how they bring this series to life, especially with the concept of the children of Batman’s iconic villains teaming up. They might have multiple seasons in the plan, which opens up the question of what exactly the conflict will be throughout. Either they must team up against the villains pushing Gotham to the brain after the loss of Batman, or maybe an external threat arrives forcing the team-up to keep Gotham from whatever is trying to take over.

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