‘Andor’ Showrunner Praises Impressive Set by Former ‘Chernobyl’ Production Designer

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Andor will be the first Disney+ series to take a step away from the Volume, which has become quite popular by many productions during the pandemic. Of course, it made sense considering that it helped work around the restrictions set by COVID and some countries closing their borders. Still, The latest Star Wars series ist focusing a bit more on using real sets to highlight the grounded aspect of what the project has to offer.

In the official press event for the Disney+ series, Tony Gilroy got a chance to talks about the sets that were built for this series. They had production designer Luke Hull attached, who also gave us the chilling Chernobyl, and teased the “eight-and-a-half-acre city” they built for this production.

You know, we talked before about the set and the thing that they were talking about, our production designer Luke Hull, who did Chernobyl, I mean, he really is in the brain trust that puts the show together with Sanne and Luke and Leo, my brother John Gilroy, Cathy, the core group of people that put this together. I mean, Luke is just, I mean, he’s Mozart, and he’s a young production designer, and he’s just soaring. And they built an eight-and-a-half-acre city for us that we will use for all 12 episodes.

Tony Gilroy

He also goes on to highlight how it helped them build an entire community around the set that brought this world to life. So, it’s not just establishing a practical set for them to film in but also ensuring that they have a chance to create a living community that changes across the timeline they hope to tell in this story.

And as they said, it’s a 360 set. And the community that we were allowed to build within it and the social structures and the rituals of it, because there are some really intense rituals about it, it really feels like a place, like what is it? You get to play God. We built a place, we built a whole culture, we built a whole life, we built a whole tradition, we had people care about it and anyways. It’s a fantastic maximal expression of imagination to be able to do this. It just fantastic to be able to do it. It’s thrilling.

Tony Gilroy

Tony Gilroy certainly knows how to sell his series, and it’s exciting to see how they make use of this set. It’ll also be interesting to see how they showcase the change of this community throughout time. We’ll have to see as the three-season premiere releases on Disney+ on September 21st.

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