Andy Serkis Reveals the Fate of His ‘Andor’ Character

Season 1 of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars streaming series Andor took a deep dive into some uncomfortable corners of the galaxy far, far away. One of those corners included the moon known as Narkina 5, which was the location of an Imperial Prison Complex where Cassian Andor found himself sent following his arrest on Niamos. There, Andor met one of the series’ most talked about new characters: Andy Serkis‘ Kino Loy.

The floor manager of Unit-Five-Two-D, Loy evolved from a no-nonsense ball buster to one of the organizers of the wonderful “One Way Out!” breakout from Narkina.

When he was incarcerated, he then almost sheds any desire to look out for other people apart from himself. Just do his time and get out. To try and get out and just survive the sentence, the torture, the desensitization. I think it was that desensitization that made me perhaps have that slightly lost but kind of hardened and toughened shell.

Andy Serkis on Kino Loy

That breakout, as you might remember, led to the prisoners having to jump into the water surrounding the prison and the revelation that, after having led the prisoners to freedom, Loy couldn’t join them in their escape because he couldn’t swim. The last we saw of him, Loy was left behind in the prison to face an uncertain fate: did he make the jump or choose to remain in prison and face the consequences? In an interview with ET, series creator Tony Gilroy and Serkis recently revealed Loy’s choice.

Well, he didn’t die,” revealed Gilroy, adding “I don’t know what happened, but he didn’t die. We never see him die.” According to Serkis, that means Loy stayed behind at the prison because he certainly didn’t jump. “If he jumped, that would be the end of him and he would be out of the picture,” explained Serkis. “But no, he’s alive and [Kino’s] working out his next move.”

Does that mean Loy might turn up in Season 2? While neither Gilroy nor Serkis gave any indication, the short answer is most likely “no.” While fans responded well to Serkis‘ character and there might be a time and place for him to return, Season 2 of Andor looks set to move at breakneck speed covering 4 years of time in 12 episodes. The Narkina 5 arc was beautifully designed and shot and had a major impact on the audience and Andor and with the fact that the prisoners there were making components for the Death Star already revealed, it might be best to let that part of the story remain complete.

Andor Season 2 is expected to hit Disney Plus in 2024.

Sources: ET Online, Collider

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