‘Aquaman’ Sequel Adds 3 to Its Cast of Characters

The king of the seven seas is set to make his big return in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Plot details are still very much under wraps and much of the films casting has yet to be made public but looks to be making some moves as multiple new cast members have joined the upcoming sequel to the 2018 hit.

If you couldn’t get enough of King Shark in The Suicide Squad, another shark seems to be making their way too the DCEU as Indya Moore has been cast as Karshon. Jani Zhao will play Stingray, an original character created for the movie, though it is unknown if she will be friend or foe.

Vincent Regan will play King Atlan in a recast from the original film. The role was originally played by Graham McTavish and is unknown why the role was not reprised, possibly due to his involvement in House of the Dragon. Randall Park will also return as Dr. Stephen Shin who featured in a smaller role in the original film.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Is currently set to release in theaters on December 16th, 2022.

Source: THR

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