Atlanta Transformed into Chinatown in Latest ‘Captain America 4’ Set Photos

A lot seems to be going on in Captain America: New World Order. Sam Wilson’s first solo feature film as Cap will see Harrison Ford‘s Thaddeus Ross become President of the United States, the return of Tim Blake Nelson‘s Samuel Sterns and Liv Tyler‘s Betty Ross, the debut of the Serpent Society and the rumored discovery of Adamantium on the corpse of Tiamut the Celestial. While there’s been no Celestial or Adamantium sightings just yet thanks to a massive set that was reportedly built for the film, much of the rest of the goings on have been captured on film while production has been ongoing around Atlanta.

Photographer Christopher Oquendo, who has recently been very busily scoping out the locations of Captain America: New World Order has once again come through with some photos of a setpiece being assembled in downtown Atlanta. While the location has yet to go live, the photos show a portion of downtown Atlanta being transformed into Chinatown. This won’t be the first or last time that a part of Atlanta has been used as a stand-in for New York City but it is a fascinating location for this project.

With filming not yet having taken place in the new location, there’s no way to be sure just what’s going on in Chinatown. The location has been featured prominently in Daredevil and Spider-Man comics, most recently when the Dragon Lords, Mister Negative and The Hood skirmished. It’s also where the Sons of the Tiger, three martial artists powered by the same jade amulet that gave power to the White Tiger, set up their dojo. None of those characters are known to be in Captain America 4, however, and while the Serpent Society does have ties to New York City, they arent specific to Chinatown. Given Oquendo’s hashtag indicated the shoot will be spoilery, these are definitely worth following up on as soon as the site goes live!

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