Audition Tape Seems to Confirm Mr. Immortal for ‘She-Hulk’

A few months back, an anonymous Reddit post indicated that the Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series She-Hulk would feature cameos from all sorts of wild and crazy Marvel characters. Names like Man-Bull, Porcupine and even Mr. Immortal where thrown out there as characters who would show up over the course of the 10-episode series. Now, thanks to what appears to be an audition tape for She-Hulk, one of those cameos could be confirmed.

The audition video, shared by The Cosmic Circus, features actor Tom Archdeacon speaking to a pair of female lawyers about a divorce. During the course of the discussion, the character mentions that rather than talk to his wife about a divorce, he chose to walk out into traffic and kill himself. He then goes on to reveal that he is immortal and explain how his powers work.

While Archdeacon refers to himself as “Doctor Revive” in the video, his powers fit the bill of Mr. Immortal, aka Craig Hollis, a member of the Great Lakes Avengers. Mr. Immortal is just the type of off-the-wall character that fans should expect from She-Hulk, which I continue to hear has more of a comedic tone than any MCU project to date.

While it seems the true identity of the character is hidden in the video, the scene fits the description from the original Reddit post which indicated Mr. Immortal would be seeking Jen Walters’ help with his divorce.

Source: Vimeo via The Cosmic Circus

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