‘Barbie’ Continues to Expand With Will Ferrell and Emma Mackey Joining

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Barbie continues to grow its cast even as we still know barely anything about the production or its story. Greta Gerwig is taking over directing duties for a unique take on one of the most popular toy lines. Margot Robbie takes on the titular role with Ryan Gosling rumored to play Ken. It’s unclear if the story will have everyone running around like plastic dolls, pull a fourth-wall twist, or just a simple adaptation of normal people that have the same names as these toy characters. Either way, the film has added once again to its cast Will Ferrell and Emma Mackey.

The Hollywood Reporter has hinted that there will be a meta aspect, as Ferrell will play the CEO of the toy company, which may or may not be Mattel. It’s funny to think that this is his second time tackling this kind of role, as he also was Lord Business in The LEGO Movie, where his role also had a meta meaning for the overall story.

There’s something promising about the comedic talent attached to this project, which might hint at something that might not take itself too seriously. If they do involve the actual company behind the creation of Barbie, perhaps she becomes sentient and is facing the fact that she isn’t actually real. There’s a lot of potential with this project and Gerwig is the perfect director to tackle this project and its social themes.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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