Barry Jenkins Teases His Upcoming ‘The Lion King’ Prequel

lion king prequel

It’s still strange to think just how popular the live-action remake of the original Disney classic, The Lion King, ended up being. It was quite the box office success, and they quickly fast-tracked a prequel series focusing on Mufasa’s upbringing into becoming the iconic king that we see in the film. We haven’t heard much since Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Aaron Pierre joined the cast of Barry Jenkins‘ film. Luckily, Variety got a chance to interview the director, who gave a few teases on the film.

There were hints that Nicholas Britell has joined the production back in December, but luckily Jenkins not only confirmed his involvement but also that they are trying to build upon what Hans Zimmer established with the previous entry. While they are big shoes to fill, Jenkins is quite confident they can do so.

Nicholas Britell’s gonna do his thing. He always does it well. There’s a whole legacy of music that Hans [Zimmer] created that we’re gonna live up to

Barry Jenkins

That is not all, as he does continue to tease the film’s place as a prequel and offers a glimpse of what the direction will be for the upcoming film. It looks like we’re definitely going to explore the early days of Mufasa and what made him the king we remember.

Kings aren’t just born, they aren’t just made. They have to become who they are.

Barry Jenkins

It’s not a lot to go by, but it does further hint that we’re definitely in for more of what we saw from Jon Favreau‘s film. Jenkins seems quite excited about the project and how it’ll push him as a filmmaker. The effects were groundbreaking for when the last film was released, and we’ll see how this sequel might try to push it even further.

Source: Twitter

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