‘Batwoman’ Set Photos Reveal Batmobile and New Wig

Batwoman‘s second season will introduce fans to a brand new heroine. Javicia Leslie has taken over the mantle from Ruby Rose to protect Gotham. The rest of the series’ cast is set to return with a lot of the story still a secret. We got some pictures from the set that teased Leslie in the iconic costume from the first season. It seemed she was carrying over the red wig and costume from her predecessor. A new image from the set may have revealed that we will see some new changes over the course of the show. Twitter user @Pagmyst shared an image where we can see that Batwoman has ditched the red wig.

The image is from far away so we don’t get a good look if the costume has changed as well. Her new wig seems to be brown, which is a great way to highlight Leslie making the character her own. There is also the reveal of the show’s brand new Batmobile. @Pagmyst also shared a much better image of her new vehicle.

CW won’t have the same budget as the movies. We originally thought we saw what would become the Batmobile in the last video, as it seemed to be updated with CGI. Yet, we are getting an actual Batmobile that even has her symbol on the front. Perhaps she uses an older model owned by the original Batman before switching to a car of her own choice. It looks a bit strange with the orange decals. Our only giveaway that this is the Batmobile would be the orange symbol on the front. This also could highlight that Batwoman‘s second season will switch from its red to an orange visual to highlight the new direction.

Source: Twitter (costume), Twitter (Batmobile)

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