Potential ‘SPIDER-MAN 3’ Audition Video Description Revealed

On Friday evening an audition video was shared with me. Though it was labeled “Titans”, it became clear upon watching it that it was something very different than that. The now-deleted video was an audition for a Spider-Man project of some kind.

Audition videos get posted on sites like Vimeo all the time. Sometimes they’re legitimate, other times they’re not. I have no way of discerning for you whether or not this one was, but I was able to watch it before it was taken down and I can describe for you what was in it. From there, you can decide for yourselves how/if it might fit the MCU’s Spidey narrative arc. This young actor was trying out for the role of “Daniel.” Marvel Studios always uses code names for their roles, so the actual identity of the character is unknown, but the audition video gave a few interesting tidbits that could help determine who he is playing.

Before reading any further there are 2 things you need to keep in mind:

  1. The now-deleted audition video could have been for a fan film or something completely unrelated to Sony’s MCU-set Spider-Man films.
  2. The now-deleted audition video, were it truly for Spidey 3 and if its contents related to the actual script of Spidey 3, would possibly reveal a pretty heavy spoiler.

The two-part video begins with a young African-American man out delivering food for what appeared to be his parents’ restaurant. The young man is stopped by the NYPD because he is wearing some sort of Spider-Man gear. When questioned by police, he states he’s a fan of Spidey but it’s clear that in whatever universe this takes place, being a fan of Spidey is NOT ok. This would certainly seem to be in line with where we’d think things would pick up in Spidey 3 following the events at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The second part of the video sees the young man first in a conversation with his father, then his cousin (?). When talking to the second person, a breaking news report airs on TV indicating that the costumed hero Spider-Man has been found dead at a museum.

Flashback Friday: DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN - Freaksugar

Now there are all kinds of possibilities spinning out of this video if, in fact, it’s legitimately for Sony’s third Spider-Man film. Could the young man in the video have been auditioning for the role of Miles Morales? Could this be a Spider-Man from a different, parallel Earth or is this the MCU’s Peter? Could Doctor Strange have cast some sort of illusion that could somehow allow Peter to return to some semblance of a normal life? Has someone else put on the Spider-Man costume and died? While I have a hard time believing that the big picture revolves around killing Tom Holland’s character, I can think of several ways “Spider-Man” could die and Holland could continue on in the role. As is often the case with these videos, we know very little because we don’t know the connection to the larger plot (assuming this is legit and there even is one), so it’s hard to determine very much but we do know that we’re talking about a universe where Spider-Man seems to be an enemy of the state and ends up dead and if that gives us any sort of insight into the plot of Spider-Man 3, then we know it’s going to be a wild ride and that Marvel Studios has chosen to go down a shocking path for the threequel.

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