‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Data Miner Teases Black Panther’s Wakanda Raid

We just got our first official content update for Marvel’s Avengers. It was a bit underwhelming, but we did hype it up a lot more than we probably should’ve. Their State of the Game blog confirmed that we are facing some delays with Kate postponed. We still will get some minor updates to tide us over until then, such as the A.I.M. Cloning Lab. I still firmly believe that the game has faced some challenges that made its release a much more harrowing experience for both developers and players. Games-as-a-Service have plagued with Day One issues, so this experience was nothing new for veterans.

Their latest blog also confirmed that they were hit pretty hard by the ongoing pandemic and the California wildfires. It is crazy to think about how much they were able to get out within the given timeframe with such hurdles. It doesn’t excuse the game’s launch issues, but it puts everything into perspective. This genre is all about the community and ongoing developments. The Twitter user @mmmmmmmmiller has been very active in sharing what he found through data mines. Now, he also appeared in a podcast on the game by Assembly Podcast, where he teases some future developments. If you want to hear the entire thing be sure to check out the podcast below but you’ll find a summary of the biggest insights below.

Keep in mind, Miller does not work for Crystal Dynamics, so he doesn’t have the insight into what happened. He purely can base his assumptions on the data he has uncovered through the game’s code. Still, it gives a somewhat feeling of how exactly the original plans looked like when the game initially launched. The recent release of the SHIELD Substation Zero alongside the Tachyon Rifts seemed to have planned for September. Even the first major event the AIM Cloning Lab was going to release during that time. It is possible that the bug fixing, the current conditions, and some internal meddling due to the reception have created a chaotic environment. In my opinion, CD’s focus on fixing bugs was the right move though current updates feel a bit lackluster.

There is one aspect that Miller gets into more detail on, and that is the Omega Threats. He kind of grounds our expectations for the AIM Cloning Lab. This new mission type was probably part of the original operation for that addition. We now know they changed that to ensure that expectations for Kate Bishop’s story wouldn’t be affected, as she will have an actual storyline that is set-up by the Tachyon rifts. I do hope we will see more new mission types that add more reasons to return to the game.

While discussing it, Miller does tease how expansive the Wakandan’ event will be. He teases a crazy boss fight, which he leaked to be Ulysses Klaue a long time ago. Black Panther is a popular character, and the addition of endgame content could get people back into the game. He described it as a potential to “soft launch” the game, which seems possible. He also confirms that Shuri, Okoye, and the Dora Milaje will have a role in this event. So, we will see how large this raid will end up being with hopefully a tease in the upcoming November War Table. He also says that it should be something to look forward to once it releases, which they believe could be the beginning of 2021.

This reveal doesn’t downplay the upcoming operations, as we still get new playable characters with unique missions. Kate Bishop’s delay was a bit disheartening for some, but with the release being the end of October and the wording, it seems realistic to expect her early November. In CD’s first stream, they confirmed it won’t release during Thanksgiving, which is towards the end of the month. The chat did reveal that we will get some unique arrows with Kate that will add some fun alongside her teleporting skill. Miller does state that Clint was the one to utilize unique status effects, so he was surprised with this reveal. He does, however, confirm that these two characters will play different from each other, which is a good sign for future additions. He describes Kate as a Ranger while Clint is a Hunter. Kate has a drone that she uses in the fight while her former mentor can utilize traps.

We are facing a delay for now. These small glimpses into what the game will offer us in the future showcase that Crystal Dynamics truly has a plan. Yes, the player base, especially on Steam is low right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grow again. We have seen support since the first day, so this isn’t another Anthem scenario. It is easy to make comparisons, but sadly, the negative press has not been helping. I do believe that a lot of it is connected to the general discomfort with the AAA GaaS standards. Marvel’s Avengers has a very popular that just put it into the spotlight. Hopefully, as Miller pointed out, the Black Panther release could be the change this game needs in the public eye.

Source: State of the Game, Assemble Podcast, Twitch

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