Superman and Wonder Woman Seemingly Exist in ‘The Batman’ Universe

So far, The Batman seems to be set within its own universe. It will not be directly connected to the DC Extended Universe to explore Bruce’s second year as the titular vigilante. It seemed like the story would mainly focus on Batman and his rogue’s gallery. Even the first trailer revealed a much more grounded story. As such, we didn’t really think there would be any connection to the wider DC Universe, as it could collide with Matt Reeve’s vision. Interestingly enough, recent set photos may have changed that perception. Twitter user @DCEUMX shared an image from the film’s set that features people in costumes for a Halloween set. Among them, there are two very distinctive and recognizable designs.

It seems that Superman and Wonder Woman might exist in this universe. Of course, these are just costumes and not the real deal. ScreenRant shared the first image teasing Superman, so this is our best look at the character. However, we did not see Wonder Woman until now. This reveal would imply that these characters have existed to some degree in this universe. Perhaps, Reeves is trying to distinguish this version of Batman from the rest by having them be characters from comic books that are the base for these designs. The costumes in question are closer to that of the original comic runs than any modern designs we’ve seen. So, that could be the reason for their appearance. Still, there is one more picture from the set that may confirm Superman’s existence. @Bat_Source shared an article of the Gotham Times mentions the line: “faces looking up to the skies, fingers pointed, everywhere looking for you know who”.

There is one more aspect that sticks out. This is definitely showing the inspiration from The Long Halloween. The comic also included a Halloween costume party. So, this might be shortly before another murder happens in the story. We got our glimpse at the Riddler, who is quite a unique take on the character. He might be hiding among the crowd in a comic-accurate costume. The concept of this Halloween party could also be a way to sneak in a lot of references if characters like the Penguin are also included in the scene. Sadly, the wait will be a bit longer until the film releases but these set photos are already very promising.

Source: Twitter, ScreenRant, Twitter (Article)

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