DC’s ‘Green Lantern’: Who is Jessica Cruz?

The Green Lantern Corps is one of many emotional spectrum corps that have protected the galaxy since they were formed over three billion years ago by the Guardians of the Universe. The Corp has known no prejudice, welcoming a variety of species and races, choosing only those with the greatest amount of willpower to fight and protect the universe from those who seek to spread fear, anger, and greed. The most notable of lanterns have become staples in the DC Universe and will return to live-action in HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, one that will span decades and focus on some of the most iconic corp members.

Jessica Cruz, who first appeared in 2014’s Justice League Vol 2 #30, was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Originally known as Power Ring, she was the unwilling successor to Harold Jordan of the Crime Syndicate after he was killed during the Syndicates attack on Earth Prime. The Ring of Volthoom forced it self upon Cruz and took over, physically and mentally torturing her, and then forcing her to attack her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Jessica then came face to face with Batman, who reached out to her telling her that he was a victim as well and that only in their darkest hours, when they face their fears head on , could they truly persevere. Breaking the influence that the ring had on her, Jessica was able to take control of the ring and learn to wield it with the help of Hal Jordan, joining the Justice League.

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Jessia Cruz is also a character that deals a lot with mental health, suffering from severe anxiety that she developed after a traumatic experience while hunting with friends. During the trip Jessica came across two men dumping a body in the woods. Not wanting n witnesses, the men killed everyone but Jessica, who was able to get away. After the incident, Jessica’s mental state worsened and she locked herself within her apartment for almost four years, until the Ring of Volthoom found her. Jessica’s battle with anxiety proves the willpower within her has strengthened over the years and has become worthy of the title.

Jessica Cruz will make her live-action debut in HBO Max’s Green Lantern.

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