‘Batwoman’ Showrunner Carline Dries Confirms Black Mask for the Second Season

Batwoman is about to shake things up with its upcoming season. Javicia Leslie is taking over the mantle with her original character Ryan Wilder after Kate Kane has gone missing. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Caroline Dries discussed what we can expect from the second season, most notably, the villains that will make Wilder’s life quite complicated. In it, she reveals that a fan-favorite of Batman’s rogue gallery will make his CW premiere.

We have a couple big bads this season. One, [who] we teed up midway through last season, is this woman Safiyah, and she’s sort of Alice’s Achilles’ Heel. And ultimately yes with the False Face Society, we will see the leader of this gang as Black Mask later on in the season

It seems that the False Face Society will have a larger role throughout the series, as they will be responsible for their drug dealing. According to Dries, a big aspect of Wilder’s character is tied to it. At one point, she was in a relationship with someone who did drugs, which got her in jail. As such, she has a very personal vendetta against anyone pushing drugs in Gotham.

So far, they have not named who exactly is playing Black Mask. Shivaani Ghai is playing one of the big bad, Safiyah. Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is set to return as well, who might be on the hunt to find out what happened to her sister. So far, there is no exact casting announced for Black Mask, but we could get some info as we near the show’s premiere. Ewan McGregor just recently played the character of Black Mask in Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, so some viewers might be familiar with the mask-wearing mafia boss once Batwoman returns on January 17th.

Source: EW

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