‘Beauty and the Beast’ Musical Prequel Adds Broadway’s Jelani Alladin

beauty and the beast prequel

Luke Evans and Josh Gad‘s upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel has found another actor to join its line-up, as The Walking Dead: World Beyond actor, Jelani Alladin, has joined the project. We just recently learned that Fra Fee was also going to have a role in the story, as the series slowly is starting to come together ahead of its production. The musical series will run for eight episodes and continue the stories of Gaston and LeFou after the events of the 2017 original.

The story follows LeFou’s step-sister Tilly, who will be played by Briana Middleton, as her past comes to haunt her and the three are off unto an unlikely adventure. Alladin will play a quick-witted artist, who goes by Jean-Michel. The actor is no stranger to working with Disney, as he played Kristoff in the Broadway rendition of Frozen. He worked on various TV series such as Law & Order: SVU, and FBI. Given his stage background, he’s a great addition to bring the musical to life.

Source: Deadline

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