‘Black Widow’ Nearly Doubled Its U.S. Disney+ Viewing Households In Its Second Week

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There has been much debate surrounding Black Widow‘s release. Its second weekend saw a sharp drop at the Box Office, which was on par with other releases in the pandemic. What didn’t help was that Disney+ did not release the official numbers for the second week. So far, we only are aware that they made $60M from their Premier Access service. Once again, we have to rely on third-party analysts to figure out how exactly the film will perform on the streaming service. Luckily, Samba TV offered insight into how many US households watched Marvel Studios’ latest during its release. Keep in mind, these are estimates and not official numbers.

It seems that they almost doubled the viewership, as it rose from 1.1M households to 2M over the last week. So, an estimated 900K purchased the film from July 12th up until the 18th. It’s quite an impressive number that could hint at a steady growth on the streamer. Their analysis is based on 3M SmartTV terrestrial households that consume a show or film for at least five minutes. It doesn’t include mobile viewers.


Black Widow snags $215M in biggest opening since pandemic began - CNET


Going by their analysis, the film managed a domestic total of $131.6M through Disney+ alone. Even with the 67% drop in its second weekend, the film still earned $263M so far. If you add in the Diseny+ Premier Access numbers, Black Widow might already be nearing $400M. It’s impressive growth, but piracy is still an issue with simultaneous releases. It’ll hurt the film’s Box Office legs which are already questionable due to the pandemic’s influence on the cinema market.

There’s a strong likelihood that Jungle Cruise will be the last Disney film to use this model moving forward, even if they only have to share around 15% with platform providers rather than the 40% cinema share. Whatever happens, we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on its development and what it could mean for Marvel Studios’ next release, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Source: Deadline, The Numbers

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