Blumhouse’s ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Movie Adds Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson

five nights at freddys movie

Ruh Roh Freddy, it seems that the upcoming Blumhouse adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s is finally moving forward. After countless delays over script issues with the creator Scott Cawthon, they are finally moving forward with the project. They have no added two starts with production set to start in New Orleans in February. Long-time Shaggy voice actor Matthew Lillard has joined alongside Josh Hutcherson, who is well known for his performances in The Hunger Games.

They’re definitely an interesting addition and there’s no details on who exactly they might end up playing. To be fair, the FNAF franchise isn’t well-known for its cast but rather the creepy animatronics that haunt the Pizza restaurants named after Freddy Fazbear. Though, Lillard would make for a great phone guy if that staple character will make an appearance or they simply have Cawthon cameo in the role.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a simple concept but the lore that has build around the franchise with each new entry offers a lot. The only question is if Cawthon‘s perchance for cryptic storytelling will translate well into live-action cinema. He may try to sneak in details and build up a franchise that barely gets going if the story doesn’t hit those same emotional beats you’d expect from a film. The recent PlayStation exclusive game Security Breach faced a similar issue in trying to bring the gaming franchise into a quasi open world format.

Source: Deadline

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