BOOK REVIEW: ‘Batcat’ by Meggie Ramm

‘Batcat’ is a cute story about self-acceptance and learning to appreciate those around us.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of BATCAT. Between the cover and the title, though, I was sure this would be a story I’d enjoy… and I was right. BATCAT is a story for all-ages. It follows Batcat, who as the name would suggest, is part bat and part cat. Batcat is happy to stay home, play video games and eat junk food… but when a mysterious ghost shows up and ruins Batcat’s day-to-day routine, they set out on a journey to try and get rid of the pesty ghost. But along the way, Batcat will learn that there is more to life – and the people and beings that we meet along the way – that will leave a lasting impression on them when all is said and done.

BATCAT might seem like a silly book upon first glance. A huge marshmallow-type creature that is part cat and part cat? Sure, it can seem ridiculous. But it’s really more than a silly little story. Throughout the story, Batcat has plenty to learn. Eager to be gone of his new ghost friend, Batcat is quick to jump to conclusions about this new character that they haven’t bothered to really get to know. And rather than take the time to do just that, Batcat immediately seeks to get rid of their problem guest. But as Batcat will quickly learn, we can’t just make presumptions about people. While it is easy to do so, it’s vital to remember everyone is more than just one thing – we are all more than meets the eye. For Batcat, it’s a lesson they only learn after realizing they’re not all cat nor are they all bat.

BATCAT is the type of book that should be stored in classrooms. Readers of all ages will devour this cute little graphic novel. Not only does it teach readers compassion, but it also includes plenty of humor with plenty of cute drawings.

Note: The ARC I received for review was in black and white, which did make it hard to really read at times. However! The final copy of BATCAT will be in full color, and the sneak-peek at the coloration for BATCAT only seems to improve on this adorable story.

BATCAT will be released on March 28th through Amulet Books.

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