‘Secret Invasion’ and Cadre K Could Lay the Groundwork for Mutants in the MCU

Could the inclusion of Killian Scott as Cadre K in Secret Invasion Lay the Groundwork for the MCU Mutants?

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion is set to wreak havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by exposing an Earth invasion by the shape-shifting Skrulls. Details on the series are somewhat scarce. While we won’t know the full extent of who is or isn’t a Skrull until the series debuts, we have managed to discover a few of the character identities of the star-studded cast. Actor Killian Scott’s role, who we previously reported would be playing a Skrull, is reported by The Direct to be playing a Skrull named Fiz in the limited series. 

Interestingly, in Marvel Comics, Fiz is no ordinary Skrull. While obviously human mutants and the X-Men are widely known, Fiz is actually a Mutant Skrull. Like human mutants, the mutation gives Skrulls other abilities in addition to their ability to shape-shift. Fiz, in the comics, has the additional abilities to increase and decrease his size at will. Mutant Skrulls in the comics also faced contempt from their non-mutant counterparts. The Skrull authorities named Mutant Skrulls “K-Class Deviant Skrulls” and the common population simply referred to them as “Deviants”. 

Charles Xavier gathered Fiz and other Mutant Skrulls in space to train them, eventually forming Cadre K as an equivalent to the X-Men to fight to Skrull Empire to rescue their kind from being killed at birth and to advocate for mutant rights. Cadre K fought against the Skrull faction whose purpose was to keep the Skrulls “pure”, also known as the Purifiers. Other Cadre K members include Z’Cann (telepath and telekinetic), Spunje (energy absorption and energy blasts), Nero (plasticity), R’tee (can extend spikes from his body and fire them, enhanced strength, and accelerated healing), and Goroth (unknown mutant power).

Despite all of this, it was later revealed during the Secret Invasion comics event that Cadre K was still rejected by the Skrull Empire. Cadre K later settled on a rural farm in South Dakota, believing they had nowhere else to go where they would not be hunted. Cadre K protects the “Skrull Cows” on the ranch—yes, Skrulls that have been turned into cows on Earth by none other than Mister Fantastic himself, Dr. Reed Richards. 

The fact that Scott’s Skrull character is named Fiz could simply be a matter of Secret Invasion using the name only and otherwise rewriting the character. Still, it could also mean that the series has a few tricks up its sleeves, and Mutant Skrulls, or even Cadre K, could be introduced. Considering Cadre K’s connection to Charles Xavier, and mutants in general, Secret Invasion may lay the groundwork for mutants in the MCU. Either way, if Fiz is introduced as a Mutant Skrull, it will be interesting to see how this affects the character’s role in the series. After all, it doesn’t seem like the Skrull Empire is a big fan of his kind. 

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