Camrus Johnson Suits Up as Batwing in New ‘Batwoman’ Set Photos

batwoman batwing set photos

Throughout Batman’s long-running history in comics, there’s always been a constant theme of family. Since the introduction of Robin, his family has grown exponentially with the inclusions of characters like Batgirl, Huntress, and Batwoman. CW’s adaptation of Batwoman has embraced this concept and continued to expand the series’ family since the first season. After Ruby Rose‘s departure, Javicia Leslie took over the role through the character of Ryan Wilder, who previously made her comic debut in Batgirl #50. It looks like they plan on adding more to this universe’s bat family. They recently introduced the character of Stephanie Brown, and it looks like one original member finally gets to don a cape of his own.

Since season one, Camrus Johnson has acted as Batwoman’s man in the chair. He was acting behind the scenes as Batwoman’s Oracle and even took a few pages out of his father’s book by upgrading her gear. It looks like his time in the chair is finally over as brand new set photos have found their way online revealing the actor in a Batwing costume.

For those unfamiliar with the character, he is the son of Lucius Fox. In the comics, he is currently the second person to hold the mantle of Batwing. Lucas made his debut with the mantle in 2013’s Batwing #19 through Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray‘s work. He has been a recurring character in Gotham since his debut. He was also a master of mixed martial arts and skilled detective who wears a suit equipped with a powerful arsenal of weapons and gadgets, all while being able to fly. It is great they are taking a page out of the comics and giving Johnson a chance to don the suit in live-action. It’ll be interesting to see how they introduce it and if he might be keeping it a secret from the rest of the group.

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