Chip Zdarsky and Jacob Phillip’s ‘Newburn’ Already Optioned for TV

Today saw the release of the first issue of Newburn, a crime comic published by Image that follows a private detective, Ed Newburn, as he navigates the NYC underworld. Chip Zdarsky (Stillwater, Daredevil) and Jacob Phillips (That Texas Blood) worked together on the project which has debuted to very positive reviews so far.

Apparently someone believed in the book early on as the duo revealed that Newburn has already been optioned for a TV series, which the duo revealed last night during a live stream with the guys at Comic Book Club. The talk about Newburn comes up around the 18 minute mark.

While they didn’t reveal which service has optioned the book, Zdarsky does mention that whichever studio it was needed nothing more than the first 3 issues to make the call. You can probably pick up a few copies of Newburn at your LCS today and flip them for a profit in the near future!

Source: Comic Book Club

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