CinemaCon: First ‘Lightyear’ Reactions Tease ‘Interstellar’ Vibes

lightyear footage

CinemaCon has given us quite a few interesting teases of what’s to come with Marvel Studios, but they also used the opportunity to include quite a bit of footage for attendees. While e sadly won’t get to actually watch it ourselves, people luckily love sharing what they’re getting a chance to watch. Among the panels was also the first look at Lightyear, Pixar’s upcoming film that explores the story of Buzz Lightyear, which would inspire the toy.

While the footage description isn’t detailed, it does seem like reactiosn towards the project are quite positive. Not only is the aspect of experiencing the film on a big silver screen again a nice touch, as most of Pixar films ended up on Disney+ throughout the pandemic, but it also is highilghted as an emotional yet dorky sci-fi film with Interstellar vibes.

It’s great that the next Pixar film is finally making its way to theaters, and that, hopefully, remains this way moving forward. Lightyear is an interesting legacy title as it technically is a origin story for a character that inspired a toy. We already got an animated series that explored the story of Lightyear’s battle against Zurg, but the Pixar film is seemingly taking a very different route. The latest trailer revealed a unique story direction that may catch many off-guard that are actively avoiding any marketing for the film. Who knows if Woody will also get his own Western spinoff film if this turns out successful.

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