CinemaCon: Every ‘Avatar’ Sequel to Act as a Standalone Film

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It looks like Disney is ending their CinemaCon panel with a grand showcase of the future of the Avatar franchise. Given that the film has clung to the top spot for a long-time, there’s a lot of hope for Disney to bank on that success. So, it seems that they are kick-starting the upcoming release of Avatar 2 with a re-release of the original in September. Yet, the big reveal during the event is that the three Avatar sequels being filmed back-to-back are currently planned as standalone films with some connections. There’s no detail on what that might look like, but they may try to simply explore the changes of Pandora throughout many generations.

The first film is going to focus more the world beneath the waves of Pandora. So, it opens up many new opportunities to see just how vast the planet is and what it has to offer. We don’t know if we’ll continue to focus on humanoid characters or the local Na’vi, who are teased as part of concept art.

Of course, they could also build upon the set-up of the first film yet with how long it took for this new film to hit theaters, they might want to use it as a time skip. Perhaps we get to see different Na’vi and their living arrangements that act as a contrast to what we saw in the 2009 original. For now, it’s just speculation until we actually get a tease of what the fil has to offer.

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