Composer Natalie Holt Joins ‘Batgirl’ Production, Shares New Set Photo

batgirl set photo

Just yesterday, we got our first set photo from the upcoming HBO Max original film, Batgirl. The story about Barbara Gordon’s time in the iconic mantle will explore Gotham in a new way. Director Adil El Arbi shared the photo on his Instagram account, which teased Barbara’s future as a beat cop in the series. production is finally revving up in Glasgow and it looks like they’ll soon be joined by a new GCPD cop that has some musical talents.

Natalie Holt announced back in September that she joined the HBO Max original to compose its soundtrack. After her incredible work on Loki, her addition was an exciting prospect that got many wondering what exactly she may add to this particular story. Of course, it’s too early to get a feeling for exactly that, but she did tease that she is now on set. Her tease might also hint that she’ll have a cameo as a GCPD officer in the series.

We might see others of the production team appear as cops whenever Barbara is going through her job. She likely is working for her father, which will add quite a bit of tension between them. So, who knows how nosy her colleagues are and appear in the background during their discussions. It’ll be interesting to explore her story from the perspective of a police officer, as she’ll definitely be active as Batgirl throughout the story. It could lead to an interesting conflict of interest. Here’s hoping we get more teases or even a look at Leslie Grace in costume from what was teased during DC FanDome.

Source: Twitter

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