Connecting Imaginary Dots: ‘Reservation Dogs’ Devery Jacobs May Have Joined Disney+ Series ‘Echo’

echo devery jacobs

We just ran the news that Alaqua Cox has shared that Echo’s production is seemingly going to start tomorrow. She announced it via an Instagram story featuring flowers. What stands out though is that she got the flowers from fellow actress Devery Jacobs, who many might remember for her role in FX’s Reservation Dogs. Well, if we take a closer look at the letter that she sent, it would hint that the actress may also have joined Echo in an unknown role. So, let’s connect the dots here.

In her letter, she states that “I wish I could be there to kick it off.” That alone wouldn’t really give it away, as she simply could be sharing that she wished she could join her on the series to support her, but also hints that she would join just not that early in production. But, what does definitely hint at her potentially having a role in the series is the addition of “see you soon” which highlights that she may join production at a later date.

Jacobs would also match a casting of a character known as Julie. Echo was looking to cast a Native American actress between the age of 27 to 33 in the role, who is the responsible type with a strong will of her own. A casting that would match the actress perfectly, as it’s not too dissimilar to her character Elora Danan Postoak from Reservation Dogs.

What also helps is that director Sydney Freeland is involved with the series, something she confirmed back in March. It’s not uncommon that directors would bring along talent that they are interested in working with again. There’s no official confirmation so far, but Devery Jacobs‘ letter would certainly hint at her potentially having some kind of role in the series. Perhaps we’ll get an official casting announcement soon, as production starts tomorrow or before she joins the project at a later date.

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