Dakota Johnson May Have Confirmed Joining the ‘Madame Web’ Film

It looks like Dakota Johnson may have confirmed her involvement with the upcoming ‘Madame Web’ film on Instagram.
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We were all scratching our heads when it was announced that Sony is eyeing Dakota Johnson to join a Spider-Man spinoff film based on Madame Web. Not only is the character commonly depicted as an elderly lady, but she is also a minor supporting character that doesn’t have much of a story to explore. Of course, her involvement wasn’t confirmed yet at the time, but it seems in a now-deleted Instagram Story, Johnson may have confirmed she joined the project, as shared by @dakotaj_updates.

The Story doesn’t include much, but the use of a web emoji with a dark background. Given the timing with the announcement that she is currently is in talks for the role, it seems like a pretty clear indication of why she shared it. We’ve seen actors tease their involvement in the past as a way to confirm the talks or even hint that they’ve already joined the project.

It’s unclear exactly what they are trying to do with the character, as Madame Web’s limited role in the comics doesn’t quite lend itself to a solo project. So, they might take this chance to write a story around her as she is simply the person pulling the strings. Perhaps they aim to bring back Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire to potentially star in another multiverse-focused storyline with Web requiring their assistance. It would be the perfect way to build upon No Way Home‘s storyline.

Source: Instagram via Twitter

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