‘Daredevil’ Actress May Have Confirmed Jon Bernthal’s MCU Return as Punisher

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Not sure what is happening over at C2E 2022 but the event has become a breeding ground for leaks on Marvel Studios’ future projects. Not only did Giancarlo Esposito confirm he’s had talks with Marvel Studios and is interested in tackling the role of Professor X, but it seems that Daredevil actress Rosario Dawson has also just revealed that Jon Bernthal will return in the role as The Punisher in a future project.

The short video comes from a conference that the Ahsoka star is currently attending at C2E 2022, as shared by Knight Edge Media’s Caleb Williams. It’s unclear if she’s involved with any future projects, as she took on the role of Night Nurse for the ground-level stories explored on Netflix, which may be how she was informed about it.

Bernthal was among the Netflix cast that many hoped to return in the role that he made his own. While there were many actors that took on the role in the past, he definitely added something very raw to the role that’s worth exploring more in a bigger universe. Anyone who doesn’t want to see him and Strange travel through dimensions taking down weird mystical creatures is really underestimating the potential that the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars has in store for us if this turns out true.

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