‘Daredevil’ MCU Reboot Hinted as a Disney+ Series

daredevil reboot

We’ve shared some evidence that might hint at Marvel Studios fast-tracking a new Daredevil project. Now, it seems almost certain as IGN has just shared some information from the latest Production Weekly issue that includes a reference to a project simply titled “Daredevil Reboot.” It is listed as a Disney+ series and includes Marvel’s Behind the Mask producer Chris Gary as a producer alongside Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige. The interesting thing to note is that it’s included as “currently in development” but doesn’t include any more information.

There have been quite a few hints that they are moving forward with the Man Without Fear, especially after the return of Charlie Cox in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While it seems logical now that the character might be on par with big names like Spider-Man, it wasn’t until the Netflix series that catapulted the character even higher to stardom. He was quite popular in the comics but was one of Netflix’s leading series. Some might even argue that it would set the tone for their future projects at the time.

The original series has now found its way to Disney+ alongside others in specific markets. With the title “reboot” included, there’s a chance that it was taken due to the discourse surrounding the project. Production Weekly has a tendency to pull some information based on what is making the rounds, but there’s enough evidence that this project is moving forward and it seems that Marvel Studios has quite a few plans for Daredevil in the future of this franchise.

Source: Production Weekly via IGN

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