‘Harder They Fall’ Director Jeymes Samuel Combining Two Boom! Comics Into One Film For Netflix

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Fresh off a successful filmmaking debut, The Harder They Fall director Jeymes Samuel is reteaming with Netflix for his next project. The former musician will adapt two Boom! Comics series for the popular streaming service, combining the book Irredeemable and its spin-off Incorruptible into a single film. It’s a script, a unique take on the indie titles will be written by breakout screenwriter Kemp Powers, who came to prominence last year with his work on the films One Night in Miami and Pixar’s Soul. Superstar Jay-Z and James Lassiter will serve as producers, after previously doing so on Harder They Fall, alongside Samuel and Boom!’s Ross Richie and Stephen Christy.

Irredeemable debuted on comic store shelves in 2009, written by fan-favorite author Mark Waid and illustrated by Peter Krause. It was intended to deconstruct and upend most of the industry’s often-used tropes, telling the story of the world’s greatest superhero, The Plutonian, as he snaps under the pressure of his responsibilities and transforms into the world’s greatest supervillain. The spin-off Incorruptible told the opposite story, following supervillain Max Damage as he slowly reforms and becomes a superhero in response to The Plutonian’s mass slaughtering, with the knowledge that his own degenerative powers are causing him to lose his mind.

The ‘Evil Superman” concept is one that’s become very popular in recent years, with projects like The Boys, Invincible, and Brightburn all tackling the idea in their own ways. Samuel showed he had a distinct auteur style with his debut feature, so it’s likely his version of the scenario will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. There are currently no release dates or stars attached to the project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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