DC’s ‘BLACK ADAM’: Who is Ma Hunkel?

Black Adam is quite possibly one of the most anticipated DC movies in development and is already living up to the hype with the addition of some of DC’s most iconic characters. With such a rich library to pick from, the film will introduce those from the Justice Society and the Black Marvel Family. The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change and Black Adam won’t let anything stand in between him and protecting the kingdom that he’s called home for thousands of years.

First appearing in All American Comics #3, Ma Hunkel was created by Sheldon Mayer, would go onto don the mantle of the Golden Age Red Tornado in All American Comics #20 and became quite possibly the first female superhero, debuting even before Wonder Woman. Ma Hunkel was a simple housewife in New York city who would go onto open a grocery store with the help of her brother-in-law Gus. Ma was eventually approached by some local no good racketeers who demanded Hunkel pay up protection money to ensure her store’s safety. Ma responded by giving them a good ol’fashioned beatdown, leading them to hastily run to their car in which Hunkel’s daughter and friend Dinky were hiding. When the cops refused to help Ma  in fear of retribution at the hand of the mobster Tubbs Torponi, Ma knew she had to take matters into her own hands and was inspired by her son’s admiration of Green Lantern to become the Red Tornado and rescue the children in a suit that consisted of Long Johns, a red cape, and a shiny pot on her head, but furthering the disguise by appearing as a man.

Ma would go onto attend the first official meeting of the Justice Society of America but would flee when the bottoms of her suit were ripped, in fear of her secret being revealed. She would later take on a pair of sidekids, the Cylclone kids, who were actually just her daughter Amelia and her friend Dinky. The character would later go on to raise her Granddaughter Maxine Hunkle, Aka Cylclone, and become the caretaker of the JSA headquarters. Ma Hunkel will make her first live action appearence in Black Adam and will be reimagined as a transgender character and work as the caretaker in Carter Hall’s Museum

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