Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead Join ‘Moon Knight’

We are only a week away from WandaVision finally premiering. Disney+ will be a new hub for Marvel Studios to expand into completely new territory. They have already revealed a wide variety of shows that include the introduction of the teenage superhero Ms. Marvel, Clint passing on the torch in Hawkeye, and chasing the legacy of Captain America in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. One of the biggest additions is the inclusion of Moon Knight. The story about a former mercenary losing his mind and becoming a vigilante has just as many facets as Marc Spector has personalities.

It was a huge reveal when it was announced that Oscar Isaac was being eyed for the lead role. Shortly after, we got the confirmation that Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab was also going to join the show, which is spearheaded by showrunner Jeremy Slater. It looks like he will be joined by two more directors, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead will also be directing some episodes. There is no exact number given, but THR confirms that Diab will be responsible for a sizeable chunk of the episode count.

The show is expected to start filming in Budapest as of March. Benson and Moorhead have made their name with their low-budget horror film in 2013, Resolution. They got on Guillermo del Toro‘s radar after the release of their film Spring a year later. Their latest film Synchronic included Marvel veteran Anthony Mackie in its cast. It’ll be interesting to see what they bring to the table, as they explore Spector’s broken psyche.

Source: THR

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