‘Arrow’ Spin-Off ‘Green Arrow and The Canaries’ Cancelled

One of the first DC superheroes to take the world by storm ended his eight-season with a backdoor pilot. It teased the franchise’s future, which would become the series Green Arrow and The Black Canaries. The show was going to feature the return of Mia Smoak as she takes up the mantle following her father’s death. Oliver Queen in the battle with the Anti-Monitor. She was joined by Laurel and Dinah, the titular Canaries. They would set out to honor the legacy of the original Team Arrow.

Sadly, it got revealed that the planned spin-off would not be moving forward at the CW. It’s been a year of silence on the series development. It’s unknown if it will get shopped to a different platform, such as HBO Max. At this point, however, it seems unlikely considering Marc Guggenheim‘s past comments on the possibility of continuing their story in the form of a comic.

The show was going to answer many unanswered questions from the original show, such as Dinah ending up in the future. There was also the question of who kidnapped Mia’s brother William at the end of the pilot. It looks like these answers will only be revisited in the form of a comic, if at all. It also joins the now canceled CW shows Supergirl and Black Lightning. These will end with their upcoming seasons. It doesn’t look too bright for the DC show’s future on the CW, but it may be a sign that they are more interested in producing HBO Max Originals. Comic characters aren’t easy to adapt, so a bigger budget certainly helps. It isn’t the end of the line for this franchise, but they might be trying to refocus as they move forward.

Source: TV Line  

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