Directors That Could Take on Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic Four’

For those living under a tardigrade fold in the Quantum Realm, a new help wanted sign has been posted at Marvel Studios. Jon Watts, who successfully helmed the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, is departing the Fantastic Four reboot. The project was announced by Kevin Feige at SDCC 2019 and Watts had been attached to lead the project since Disney’s December 2020 Investor Day; however, Marvel Studios will now have to explore new options and we have some ideas for who could sit in the directors chair.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Howard is still new to the directing game, having only directed a handful of shorts, music videos, and episodes, but she’s quickly proved that she has what it takes to helm an ambitious project such as The Fantastic Four. Her episodes of The Mandalorian and episode of The Book of Boba Fett were among the best of each of those highly-scrutinized series, causing fans to rally for her to be given the reigns to a Star Wars feature film. While she may still be waiting in line for one of those as Lucasfilm keeps its focus on streaming series, this could be a golden opportunity for both Howard and Marvel Studios.

Brad Bird

Its hard to deny that The Incredibles are incredibly (pun somewhat intended) similar to the Fantastic Four, sporting very similar power sets but with an entirely different dynamic. The understanding of that dynamic is what could make Bird such a good pick for The Fantastic Four. Nailing their family dynamic is key to the project’s success. Bird has done that. If he can work with Marvel Studios to understand the core values of these characters, he can get creative within those parameters and put together the first good FF film.

Sam Raimi

The man behind Spider-Man 2, arguably one of the best comic book films of all time, has made his return to marvel with the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. Raimi has made it clear that after a LONG break from the superhero genre, he’d be willing return to collaborate with Marvel Studios. The Fantastic Four could be a great route for him. Raimi has similar qualities to that of Brad Bird, where he looks to find relatability in these characters like what he did with Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four is a chance to do that with a whole new dynamic.

John Krasinski

Before the reboot was even announced, fans had already made up their mind as to who they wanted to see play Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: John Kransinski. What if he directed the project instead? The former star of The Office has made his move into directing these past few years with the Quiet Place films and has shown an understanding of the craft. Kransinski could be a great choice to sit in the director’s chair for this one, and who knows, he could even be the first star to also direct an MCU film.

The Daniels

One of the most important things that the next Fantastic Four film must do is set itself apart from the past live-action iterations of the team. The Daniels could be the chance to make something really special here. Following the release of Everything Everywhere All At Once, all eyes are on the duo to see what they tackle next. The Fantastic Four could be a great project for them. The two were recently in talks to direct Season One of Loki, but opted out in order to develop their most recent release. The Daniels could spark life in the project, offering a creative new spin on the team and dive into that weird side of the Fantastic Four that we previously suggested should be the avenue Marvel takes with the team.

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