Disney and Victoria Alonso Settled Over Recent Firing

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Marvel Studios is going through quite a bit of change. Not only did it have to work its way through the pandemic and Bob Chapek’s leadership, but it also was suddenly seeing a familiar face at the top once more with Bob Iger. The company is undergoing some harsh firing waves and many were shocked when long-time VFX chief Victoria Alonso was fired from her position. While the Internet obsessed with the topic believed this would start a new era for VFX works, many different allegations have come forth on the topic.

Some stated Alonso was a kingmaker that kind of destroyed their relationship with VFX agencies, while others claimed she played a big role in keeping projects together. Nothing concrete ever came out of it but the firing certainly lead to some wild accusations of “consequences” by Alonso’s lawyers. Multiple statements have been shared on why she was fired, which included her work on a project and seemingly neglecting responsibilities; a report that has never been confirmed.

Now, it seems that Disney and Alonso have settled with a multi-million compensation over her firing. It was seemingly reached just recently after many discussions surrounding her 17-year tenure at Marvel Studios and work in Argentina, 1985. We’ll likely never find out what exactly the threatening “consequences” are for Disney and Marvel Studios, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time before a report pops up with a claim about what it might be. For now, it seems that there won’t be further discussions or public announcements of Disney moving forward until the next major figure is fired.

Source: Deadline

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