Disney+ Changes ‘Jessica Jones’ Title

In a surprising move, Disney+ has updated the title of Jessica Jones on its streaming service to something familiar.

In a move only Krysten Ritter‘s private investigator could get to the bottom of, Disney has seemingly changed the title of Jessica Jones on Disney+. The series, which was created by Netflix and initially ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2019, was only recently added to the Disney+ library. All of the “Defenders Saga,” as it’s now being called, was brought home to join the rest of Marvel’s live-action lineup after the streaming rights were lost by the series’ original owner. Now, several weeks later, Disney is making a few alterations.

As of today, Jessica Jones is being shown on Disney+ as A.K.A. Jessica Jones. The title is only present within the actual episodes themselves, and the show is still referred to by its original name on the service’s home screen. Interestingly, A.K.A. Jessica Jones was the name being used for the project when it was still in development at ABC, a nod to the source material’s Alias naming convention without copying the Jennifer Garner series of the same title.

The curious move comes just after Disney used its social media to promote the show and its brother projects, using the caption “it’s all connected” and causing a stir that Marvel Studios may have plans to bring the Netflix characters back sooner than later. Charlie Cox‘s Matt Murdock has already made his grand reentrance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this suspicious platform activity could be an indicator Ritter‘s Jones is soon to follow. This is pure speculation, but perhaps the name change is to align the show with an incoming reboot rebranding to further disconnect the series from its time on Netflix. It could also mean nothing. Only time will truly tell.

Source: The Direct

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