EXCLUSIVE: Aramis Knight on the Future of Red Dagger

Aramis Knight’s Kareem stepped immediately into action in Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel and, for much of the episode, didn’t get a chance to slow down. The formidable Pakistani hero played a large role in Kamala’s trip to Pakistan, both in the books and in the series, but with the nearly non-stop action in the episode, the audience didn’t really come to know much about Kareem. In an exclusive interview, Knight talks about what he’d like explore about the character in the future and his budding relationship with Ms. Marvel.

I would love to see Kareem’s training regimen. I just think that’d be super interesting. He comes in as a hero who is powerless so to be able to keep up with these people who do have powers he has to train every single day of his life and I think seeing parts of that-seeing things that he does to become the superhero that he is-I think that would be super interesting. I would also love for people to meet Kareem’s family.

Aramis Knight

Marvel Studios has certainly shown a willingness to go beyond the source material in developing the characters in their shared cinematic universe. They’ve already taken a step in that direction with Kareem by making him part of an order of Red Daggers, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they continued to do so if the character returns for another season. Though Kareem played a pretty major role in his time in the comics, he’s only had a few appearances so there’s room for the Ms. Marvel creative team to work. And according to Knight, he hopes that part of that work is taking on a mentor role with Kamala.

Even more than that, I become a great ally for Kamala and, in a way, I become somewhat of a mentor in that she’s a newfound superhero to someone who’s kind of worked his whole life with this organization so there’s a lot for her to learn from him. And I think I do take on that mentor role a bit, although there’s also the banter, you know, the bit of flirtation, it kind of all plays into it, I think.

Aramis Knight

Fans are certainly hoping for a second season of the hit streaming series and given the path Kareem’s character follows in the comics, there is certainly room for him to return to help Kamala and complicate things a little for her as well.

The first four episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney Plus with Episode 5 debuting Wednesday, July 6th.

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