DISNEY+ DAY: ‘She-Hulk’s Zeb Wells To Write Animated ‘Marvel Zombies’

marvel zombies writer

It’s time to find out a little more about the Marvel Zombies animated series just announced at Disney Plus Day 2021. The announcement was followed with a bit more detail on Marvel.com about the creative team working on the streaming series. It seems, fresh off his roles in the writers’ room for She-Hulk, that Hellions comic writer Zeb Wells will not only write the show initially but also be an executive producer alongside What If…? director Bryan Andrews. The Marvel Zombies are somewhat of a breakout from appearing in Ultimate Fantastic Four to a short run of their own in the Ultimate line before appearing in various comic sequels and most recently the What If…? episode. Marvel Studios’ approach to having creative talent be amongst the team on one project before leading another seems to have born fruit again! With the Marvel Zombies featuring flesh-eating versions of our famous heroes, it’s sure to blend well with Wells’ morbid humor!  

Sources: Marvel

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