‘Spider-Man’ Writer Zeb Wells Joins ‘She-Hulk’s Disney+ Series

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It’s not uncommon for some information to somehow get missed. There’s a lot of information that finds its way online, but sometimes it’s hidden in the most surprising of places. It looks like Spider-Man writer Zeb Wells confirmed his involvement with the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ series. The tidbit is hidden away in the editorial section of The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #75.

In it, he highlights that Wells, who has experience working in animation such as SuperMansion and Robot Chicken, is part of the writer’s room for the upcoming Disney+ series. It doesn’t highlight which role specifically he had, but his experience with parody series may have played a factor in how they approached She-Hulk‘s habits of breaking the fourth wall.

Cody Ziglar’s participation here is Zeb’s fault. Cody and Zeb worked together in the writers’ room of the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ She-Hulk show, and Zeb told me Cody was the real deal.

Avid fans have sharp eyes and always keep a lookout for any information on upcoming projects. It’s also curious they are able to discuss it freely without any prior announcements by Marvel directly. Perhaps they didn’t write episodes but acted as consultants on the project. It makes you wonder if other previous editorials included small teases of projects writers were involved with. Either way, it’s great to see Wells have a role in developing the Disney+ series. perhaps we’ll see more Marvel comic writers involved with these projects moving forward.

Source: The Direct, Marvel

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