How ‘Titans’ Continues to Waste Its Superboy

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Ever since it first premiered, Titans has struggled to handle all of the characters it insists on introducing every other episode. This first became evident in the first season when we were introduced to Beast Boy. He was an instant fan favorite but was quickly sidelined and used as the series’ punching bag. It only got worse in the follow-up season, as it continued to introduce more and more characters. The tragedy was that it only continued the trend when it introduced Superboy.

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In his first appearance, Connor Kent stayed true to his origins. He’s a clone of Superman and Lex, who was created by Project Cadmus. While Joshua Orpin is in no way a bad fit for the role, the issue lies in that he’s not given anything to do. Even to this day, the character that can see through walls, punch holes through a wall, and so much more has no story arc.

We will tackle spoilers from Titan’s third season in the rest of this article. If you haven’t watched the series yet, only continue at your own risk.

In this season of Titans, we see Connor meander around Wayne manor. He only serves the story as a plot device. He even makes a device in hopes to stop the bomb that’s been bolted into Hanks’s chest. As such, he spends an entire episode doing nothing else. When he is unable to save Hank, he’s obviously quite distraught but the series quickly abandons that. Now, Superboy is suddenly in a relationship with Komand’r. There’s no real build-up outside of a minor flirt and oddly just happens.

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This fling seems to only be used as a means to bring back a chipper versionConnor. At first, you just kind of assume Blackfire could be using Connors solar energy to restore her abilities. Our indication was the inclusion of purple energy around the room, but that doesn’t seem the be the case after all.

Titans had the chance to expand upon how Young Justice approached its Superboy, a person who didn’t know their place in the world. He was constantly at odds with himself as the models of his makeup are in a contrast, causing his excessive anger issues. Instead, this Connors genetic origin is used simply to push the story forward in a lackluster and uninspired way.

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