Disney Preparing for Disney+ Star Announcement

A while back, we got the news that Disney was looking into expanding into European territories with a brand new brand. In their acquisition of Fox, they also gained the brand Hotstar, which is an Indian streaming service. Instead of having to establish Hulu outside of the U.S., they seemed to decide to use an existing streaming service branding to offer content for 18+ audiences. Disney+’s biggest issue is that it is purely restricted to PG-13 as it has a family-friendly focus. You can actually check their official site hotstar.com which confirms that they are expanding into Europe.

This expansion was teased by CEO Bob Chapek a while back, but it was uncertain if Hotstar would just be known as “Star” and act as an independent streaming service. Yet, the question got answered once Disney+ Hotstar became the new branding for the original service. We were waiting for some announcement as most hints pointed to the upcoming Investor’s Day event being their target. Well, it looks like they are already preparing for the upcoming event. They have already set-up their Social Media accounts, our very own John Sabato found it on Instagram.



It is great to see this story finally pan out. We first heard the news of this development back in August. We put together some of the pieces of the puzzle, as Disney+ was implementing a PIN code of some kind. This development also confirms that Star will potentially replace Hulu in non-US territories. The only question remains if this is a unique streaming service or something you can access as someone who owns Disney+. There is still a good chance they are just preparing everything for Investor’s Day, so we won’t have an official word until then. It’ll be really interesting to see what this means for the streaming service’s future. It has seen exponential growth with 73 million subscribers, which is beyond their early estimates. Once they add a new layer of content for older audiences, they might see another push. It will all depend on how exactly they market it, and if you have to pay extra to access it.

Source: Hotstar, The Verge, TechCrunch

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