Disney+’s ‘Percy Jackson’ Finds its Zeus and Poseidon

Disney +’s ‘Percy Jackson’ series has cast its Zeus and Poseidon.

With production currently underway in Vancouver, Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, based on the novels by Rick Riordan, already has quite the cast with Walker Scobell as Percy, joined by Aryan Simhadri‘s Grover and Leah Sava Jeffries‘ Annabeth. Some other impressive actors set to appear in the project are Jessica Parker Kennedy, Olivea Morton, Jason Mantzoukas, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jay Duplass, and Timothy Omundson. And now, it seems the series has found two more major additions that will surely have fans of the books excited.

Variety has revealed that the series has cast The Wire and John Wick actor Lance Reddick as the Disney+ shows’ version of Zeus. Per the official character description, “The all-powerful god of the sky and leader of Mount Olympus, Zeus is tempestuous and mistrustful. He’s promised to wage a war if his stolen thunderbolt is not returned.” Lost in Space and Black SailsToby Stephens will take on the role of Poseidon, god of the sea and Percy’s absent father, with whom Percy shares many qualities. Per the official character description, “Though he has stayed away throughout Percy’s life, his deep feelings for his son (and Percy’s mother, Sally) are evident.”

The casting is definitely exciting and it does seem like Disney is all-in with the project. It has yet to be seen if Disney will start working on a second season or wait it out until viewership numbers are in, but the cast is already quite promising and will ensure that the adaptation stands out from the original films.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently aiming to release its first season in early 2024.

Source: Variety

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