‘Doctor Strange 2’ Almost Featured a Deadpool Dimension

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In the multiverse, anything is possible. When Doctor Strange was first teased to venture beyond his own dimension, we were excited to see how it comes together and what dimension he might visit. Surprisingly, the film showed restraint and focused on its main character’s development. Still, there were some unused ideas for dimensions, as revealed in the latest Assembled entry from Marvel Studios that offers a glimpse behind the scenes.

In the latest episode, it offered a look behind the scenes at Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness alongside some concept art for a scrapped dimension that almost was. While most are simple and visually stunning, there is one that stands out quite a bit among them as it seems just features a variety of posters featuring Deadpool.

via The Direct

If you zoom in, you can see that it includes some comic covers and even the Deadpool 2 poster that featured Josh Brolin‘s Cable. So, we may have almost had a Deadpool inclusion inclusion after all even if it would’ve just been brief.

via The Direct

The concept art doesn’t really offer a glimpse of what the Deadpool dimension would’ve offered, but one could imagine a lot of people running around with Deadpool masks. Though it seems mostly like one side is filled to the brim with posters and nothing else, which could potentially just be used as a reference and is all they would’ve shown. The fun idea would’ve been for Deadpool to just throw on the posters as they fly by as he winks. We might never know what it was going to be, but it’s fun to speculate.

Source: Disney Plus via The Direct

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