‘Doctor Strange 2’ Passes $400M at the Domestic Box Office

doctor strange 2 domestic

While Top Gun Maverick has managed to pass the $400M domestic as the legacy title is pulling in some amazing numbers worldwide, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness wasn’t too far behind. The film faced a harsh drop in its second weekend, which isn’t too uncommon with frontloaded crowd-pleasers but has showcased its horror roots by staying quite consistent throughout the rest of its run. As of now, the film has pulled in $935M worldwide and now officially stands at $400.3M domestically.

There was some concern the film wouldn’t even hit the $900M mark but it has left that behind quite a bit. The film will release on Disney+ on June 22nd, which will still give it some time to potentially scratch the $940M mark. As per usual, the international cum is the strongest for the Marvel Studios entry and while Top Gun has taken a lot of accolades for its powerful jet-fueled wings, the Marvel project proves that the market is still ready for a variety of films to pull in massive box office numbers.

Maverick also is sharing a similar trend that we saw with Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in the day. After a long pause at the box office, the films have managed to make quite a splash domestically and in international markets. There’s a different kind of energy to these projects that complement Marvel Studios’ approach to genre-mixing giving it a unique standing and longevity in the market. We might see the box office evolve in interesting ways moving forward.

Source: The Numbers

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