Kamala Khan Could Still Be Inhuman in ‘Ms. Marvel’

Viewers are slowly learning more about Kamala Khan’s powers and their origins in Ms. Marvel. The unfolding mystery is the result of the apparent overhaul of the titular character’s super-powered background as it existed in the comics. While her actual powers are clearly different from those Kamala had on the page, another likely change still hangs over the live-action series. In the comics, Kamala was Inhuman and her exposure to Terrigen Mist is what activated her powers. While it seems unlikely the series is keeping this aspect of the character, some are holding out hope. So could Kamala be Inhuman in Ms. Marvel? Let’s look at both sides of that question.

The Case Against Kamala Being Inhuman

The existence, or at least the recognition, of Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is complicated. While a multiversal Black Bolt serving as a member of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is clear evidence of Inhumans in the multiverse, the canonicity of Earth-616 Inhumans is hotly debated. Inhumans were prominent in Marvel Television’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and, eventually, their own spinoff series on ABC. Moving past the actual arguments on whether those shows are canon to the MCU, the simple fact that it is debated is not a good sign for Kamala Khan as an Inhuman. 

On a common-sense level, it seems less likely that a Marvel Studios production would be drawing inspiration for those shows when crafting Ms. Marvel. Furthermore, Inhuman-related events in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alone would have had a substantial impact on the MCU that we simply have not seen and would need to be reconciled. So, if Ms. Marvel were to include Kamala as an Inhuman, on a practical level the series would be introducing or formally establishing that group in the MCU. It does not seem likely that Marvel Studios would want to do this in a Disney+ series focused on Kamala and her cultural heritage.

Another reason for doubting an Inhuman presence in Ms. Marvel is that the activation of her powers did not really fall in line with what is known about Inhumans. The bangle that was passed down through her family clearly has some superhuman or supernatural quality that unlocked Kamala’s powers. There was no Terrigen Mist or anything that seemed remotely close to its present (but see below for an argument against that). She also did not seem to go through the process of Terrigenesis, which generally ends in the subject morphing inside of a cocoon. 

Lastly, as hinted at above, Ms. Marvel seems to be dedicated to exploring Kamala’s history through a much more personal familial lens. While being an Inhuman would also carry that theme, it would likely distance the story from the more intimate, culturally-focused one we have seen over the course of the first two episodes. Episode 2 ended in a way that could suggest that Kamala is connected to a much larger superhuman group, but rumors that Kamala or her adversaries may be connected to Djinn in some way could explain that.

The Reasons Why Kamala Might Be Inhuman

Despite the fact that Marvel Studios has offered no direct or overly obvious foreshadowing of Kamala being Inhuman in Ms. Marvel, there are still plenty of avenues to speculate that her Inhuman origin will be revealed later in the series. Perhaps the most obvious argument is that Kamala in Inhuman in the comics and that connection plays a major role in her character at times. While the MCU is not particularly known for its dedication to being comic accurate, not having Kamala be Inhuman is indeed a major change to the character even by MCU standards. But Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are an easy example of Marvel Studios overhauling a then-established origin of their characters. 

With that comic history comes a fan base that wants to see Kamala remain Inhuman in the MCU. Fans do not determine Marvel Studios’ decisions, but the franchise certainly would be aware of the reactions. It is also clear that the MCU will formally introduce or establish Inhumans in the main Earth-616 universe at some point. Arguably, Kamala could be a good character to start with. Plus, if other Inhumans are introduced relatively soon, it might be a bit awkward that Kamala is not one of them. 

Another consideration is how Kamala will connect to Captain Marvel and The Marvels. The Captain Marvel corner of the universe—from what we know about it—is very Kree-heavy. Monica Rambeau seems to have Skrull connections, which connects her to that arena as well. If Kamala were Inhuman, that would mean she is descended from those who were genetically modified by Kree and with Kree DNA. This would arguably be able to give her a proper connection going into The Marvels since we do not have much of one yet.

Even though no Terrigen Mist seemed present when Kamala’s powers were activated, there is speculation that her bangle actually contained Terrigen Crystals instead. There is no evidence that truly disproves that theory, though the question of why she did not appear to go through Terrigenesis remains. One theory is that Kamala is slowly going through the process and will fully do so by the end of the series.

Finally, in response to the Djinn rumors and theories, there is still an argument that it is all connected to Inhumans at the end of the day. Rumors that one adversary Kamala will face in Ms. Marvel is a version of ClanD estine—a superhuman family descended from a Djinn—may not matter. Perhaps Clan Destine is actually a faction of Inhumans, or maybe the terminology involving Djinn and Inhuman gets interchanged (though that seems odd). Maybe Djinn are involved but not connected to Kamala, or maybe those rumors are all false.

At the end of the day, it is understandable that many are frustrated or confused at the concept of Kamala not being Inhuman. While nothing on the surface of Ms. Marvel so far has pointed clearly to her being Inhuman, there is no denying that there is still plenty of room for some fans to hope that it will be established by the end of the series. 

The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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