Tom Hardy Teases ‘Venom 3’ With A Tease of a “Last Dance”

venom 3

If there’s a superhero franchise from the last two decades that’s managed to truly surpass expectations, it’s Venom. Many fans assumed the goofy, gritty Spider-Man spin-off would be dead on arrival, but instead, the duology has become a massive success with a third entry on the way. Tom Hardy, the charismatic star behind both Eddie Brock and his symbiote partner Venom, recently took to Instagram to share that he is now in possession of the threequel’s script.

Written by Kelly Marcel, based on a story by Marcel and Hardy himself, the new film does not have an officially revealed title. The image on social media features a little doodle of Venom in the title’s place.

On the actor’s Instagram story, he shared the script cover with an added sticker from Michael Jordan‘s popular Last Dance documentary. It’s a curious inclusion, and while there is still very little known about the plot of Venom 3, it would indicate the film may be the character’s final ride. It would be a surprising decision for Hardy and the folks at Sony to make, should this be the case. Venom is currently one of their biggest cash cows, and fans have been clamoring to see the alien antihero interact with more characters from the larger Marvel Universe. Most specifically, of course, Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man, who has been hinted to be on a collision course with Hardy‘s Venom for some time.

A few false-alarm post-credits scenes seemed to put the iconic arch-enemies on a oath toward each other, until more tinkering with the multiverse prevented it from happening. However, there is currently a bit of symbiote goo left in the mainline MCU, and it’s yet to be revealed how that will factor into the futures of Venom or Spider-Man.

Source: Instagram

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